Hair Bow Lessons – Basic Tool Kit

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Hair Bow Lessons – Basic Tool Kit

 Basic Tool Kit for Making Hair Bows

1.) Scissors
2.) Glue gun
3.) Glue Sticks
4.) Needle Nose Pliers
5.) Measuring Tape
6.) Ribbon
7.) Wire
8.) Barrettes or Alligator Clips
9.) Lighter

This basic tool kit will be a great start for making hair bows. Scissors can be used for cutting ribbon or wire. Glue gun and glue sticks will help attach bows to fasteners or decorations to bows. Needle nose pliers will help bend and twist the wire to secure the bows. Measuring tape will help to make sure you have the right amount of ribbon for any sized hair bow. Ribbon is used to make a pretty hair bow. Barrettes or alligator clips will attach to the hair bow and keep it secure in your daughter’s hair. A lighter is used for the finishing touch. This tool will seal the ribbon to make sure your bow lasts for many years.

Want to learn how to make hair bows?

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When my daughter, Lauren, was an infant, I loved to dress her up in clothes with matching hair bows. I had no idea how to make hair bows. I felt like hair bows were the icing on the cake for her adorable girly outfits.

The hair bow company near me was very expensive. I was on a tight budget and could not afford all the hair bows I wanted for Lauren. I bought simple hair bows in different colors when she was an infant. As Lauren grew,  I realized that I had to learn how to make hair bows.

Lauren was only a year old and I wanted the beautiful boutique hair bows that I saw other little girls wearing. These hair bows were very expensive at the hair bow company. I really liked the quality I found at the hair bow company because cheaper bows would fall apart or unravel.

As luck would have it, I found a vendor at a craft fair selling hair bows. Her hair bows were beautiful! The quality was great, just like the hair bow company bows. I bought 5 bows from her. We began to talk and  I told her I wanted to learn how to make a hair bow. She shared what a fun hobby it is and gave me some tips on how to make hair bows.

I now have three daughters and I am so glad I learned how to make a hair bow! All three of my daughters like to help with the DIY hair bows.

If you want to learn how to make hair bows, you have come to the right place. I will be posting hair bow lessons.